Global Electronic Components Distributor Speeds Product Onboarding by 50%


The Client

The client is one of the leading trading brands in the UK, European and the Asia Pacific. The company has a distribution portfolio of over half a million products in the automation, engineering tools, electronics, control systems, and consumables. It serves its million customers through a variety of sales channels including a robust eCommerce channel and catalogs. The company also has a strong distribution network in over 30 countries.

The Challenge

To gain market share and drive sales, distributors have limited options other than depending on a wide and deep product range. The product information available to the customers must be comprehensive, consistent, and accurate. It should be just enough to help them make a purchase decision. In trying to achieve these objectives, our client faced several challenges such as

Product Information Gathering

The company had hundreds of manufacturing partners, each with large and complex product portfolios and extensive variations of each product. Gathering accurate information manually about each of these products and making it available for the end customer was a huge task for our client.

Product Data Update

Manufacturers introduce new products or updates to existing products on an ongoing basis. Ensuring that this updated product information is made available to the end customers all the time was very time-consuming and effort-intensive. This task was made even more complex when our client had to factor in the different information needs of customers in different regions (for example, in North America, the unit can be lbs whereas; in Asia, the unit needs to kg).

Disparate Systems

Onboarding new manufacturing partners was extremely hard and was accompanied by delays. Accessing product data and integrating it into our client’s systems was also a formidable task given the disparate systems at the various manufacturing partners.

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AMAZE PXM Solution

Amaze PXM implemented Bridge, a business-user-friendly Content Syndication Platform to simplify and automate the sharing, onboarding, and syndication of product information.

Amaze PXM’s PIM SaaS delivered the following benefits –

  • Seamless onboarding of manufacturers
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Smooth integration with manufacturers’ systems to ensure up-to-date product data
  • Improved customer experience with comprehensive and accurate product data
  • Faster and more efficient product data updating

Business Impact

By leveraging the Bridge syndication tool, our client was able to onboard manufacturer partners much faster without compromising on the quality of product information. It also helped them scale their operations through the automation of key tasks such as classification, attribute gathering, standardization and normalization, content loading and product on-boarding.

By deploying Bridge as the preferred technology, our client was able to launch a large number of products, from a growing number of manufacturing partners at a fraction of the effort and cost. It also helped them greatly reduce time to market and drive up customer engagement.

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