Use Cases – For B2B2C Brands

The Backdrop

Present-day B2B brands find themselves in a unique ecosystem, where an increasing number of customers expect B2C-like experiences driven by personalization, self-serve models, and better engagement overall. With this changing expectation comes the pressure to undertake digital transformation. More than just a buzzword, digital transformation is a must for any B2B brand looking to survive, thrive, and compete in the present market, and product data is the foundation of it all.


The Challenges

The challenge for B2B2C brands is not the data itself, but how it is managed. These are some of the major areas of concern in this aspect:

Data Ingestion

With data coming in from multiple internal sources, B2B brands find it hard to streamline ingestion without a large amount of manual intervention.

Data Silos

Even when product data flows into systems, they often reside in silos; there’s no centralized source of truth. As different departments interact with this data, keeping track of the latest version is almost impossible, and data quality takes a back seat.

Data Quality

The above two scenarios make it highly time-consuming and error-prone to keep things on track; not to mention the long hours required to keep data in good shape. In this case, product content is often found to be inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated.

Data Distribution

As customers interact with multiple channels, B2B brands find it hard to create meaningful multi- and omnichannel experiences. The pressure to meet varying requirements leads to poor time-to-market and inconsistent experiences across channels.

Data Delivery

Deliver ‘optimized and enriched’ product content customized per the template defined by the customer, channel, market, or application.


The Solution

Blue Meteor Product Content Cloud (PCC) brings forth a suite of solutions to enable B2B brands to take charge of the product content lifecycle from end-to-end

With Blue Meteor Amaze PXC, B2B brands can centralize product content ingestion, enrichment, and distribution, from a centralized location

The platform gives brands a centralized source of truth, with validation tracking, version control, access control, and data quality visibility.

Powered by Data Intelligence, the platform also provides taxonomy and schema recommendations to accelerate catalog creation.

With advanced Digital Asset Management (DAM), brands can manage all digital media from a centralized, secured location.

Blue Meteor DataBridge allows brands to accelerate and automate data onboarding and syndication with pre-defined templates and ready-to-use connectors.

Brands also get the advantage of fast and easy integration with 100+ marketplaces and distribution channels to increase their footprint and reach customers faster with higher-quality content.



As B2B brands grow in a highly competitive digital ecosystem, Blue Meteor gives them an edge over the competition, with the ability to create differentiated content with speed, scale, and accuracy. The solution allows them to:

Launch new products faster.

Provide better product experience to sell more and build customer trust.

Offer intuitive search and browse experiences to engage more buyers.

Increase brand footprint.

Reduce costs and manual efforts.

Drive conversion and increase sales.

Get Ahead of the Competition with Blue Meteor’s faster and smarter solutions