Use Cases – For Distributors

The Backdrop

Distributors face the unique challenge of managing vast volumes, as they work with thousands of manufacturers and manage millions of product SKUs. They sell through a complex network of salespeople, physical locations, sub-distributors, and online channels. As customers prefer researching and buying across multiple platforms, distributors must meet the challenge of providing consistent experiences, powered by comprehensive and up-to-date product information, across all sales channels.


The Challenges

For distributors, the source of the problem is rooted in multiple streams of input, ever evolving data, and data disparity that lives therein. Here are some of the key problem areas distributors face in this context.

Manual Data Ingestion

As distributors deal with multiple points of input manually, they’re drawn into a process that’s time-consuming, error-prone, and effort-intensive, leading to unfavorable delays in time-to-market and hampered customer experience.

Inconsistency in Data Format

The product data provided by manufacturers could be inconsistent and often in different formats, making it challenging for distributors to curate, manage and maintain a standardized format.

Delay in Data Acquisition

Distributors must rely on manufacturers to provide product data, which could result in delay in data acquisition, leading to a delay in the launch of new products.

Quality of Data

If the product data provided by manufacturers are not accurate, complete, or up-to-date, it could lead to errors and inaccuracies in product information.

Data Disparity

When distributors sell across geographies, they must normalize and standardize data to fit varying regional requirements. Manually making these changes slows down time-to-market, making it impossible to track a reliable source of truth.

Data Silos

As new and more complex systems and technologies are added meet mounting demands, distributors find it hard to streamline system integration.


The Solution

Blue Meteor Product Content Cloud (PCC) gives distributors a comprehensive solution for manufacturer and product onboarding, distribution, and everything in between. Blue Meteor DataBridge empowers distributors with the capability to easily onboard thousands of manufacturers and millions of their products into their systems, accelerating the product data acquisition and onboarding process.

With Blue Meteor AmazePXM distributors can easily automate normalization, enrich product data, and create product content that speaks to the new-age digital customer.

DataBridge enables distributors to distribute this information and leverage easy integration with leading channels to reach their customers at lightning speed

If these distributors are part of buying groups of associations, they can further leverage Blue Meteor DataExchange to gain access to readily available product data.



Powered by AI and ML, Blue Meteor empower distributors to:

Launch new products faster

Provide better product experience to sell more and build customer trust

Offer intuitive search and browse experiences to engage more buyers

Reduce costs and manual efforts

Drive conversion and increase sales

Accelerate Your Data Aggregation and Distribution with Blue Meteor