Deal Registration

Deal Registration Process and Requirements


  • Before registering a deal, the Partner has made significant pre-sales efforts related to the deal, such as meeting with the decision-makers, qualifying the opportunity requirements to include Blue Meteor solutions.
  • The Partner must submit the deal for review by completing all fields in the deal registration form provided.
  • If deal registration is approved, Blue Meteor will notify the Partner by e-mail. within three business days.
  • If deal registration is declined, Blue Meteor will notify the Partner by e-mail and will include the reason(s) for such decision.
  • The Refferal Commission will only be released after the following conditions are met
  1. The Deal is closed successfully, and all contractual obligations have been fulfilled by the customer.
  2. All required documentation, including invoices, purchase orders, and delivery receipts, have been submitted and verified by the Blue Meteor.
  3. Blue Meteor has received payment from the customer, and there are no outstanding receivables related to the Deal.